Centro Biocel Anxiety and Depression Program

It consists of a comprehensive program, supported by the fact that depression can be a multifactorial disorder, not just psychological, genetic or predisposed.
What is depression?
Depression has to do with digestive and eating disorders, as well as alterations in the ability of neurons to produce serotonin. The latter disorder is due to a decrease in neurons or a decrease in interconnection (axons) in the serotonergic system.

It is considered resistant or chronic, when it has more than 6 months without improvement, with adequate doses with one or more antidepressants of different action.
Depression program
It consists of several complementary therapies that act synergistically to obtain effective results in a short time. These consist of TMS, Ayurvedic Medicine, Ketamine, psychotherapy and detoxification with colon hydrotherapy and healing nutrition, as well as herbal medicine.
Therapies that are part of
our Depression and Anxiety program
It consists of improving the neuronal response to the release of serotonin and stimulating reactivation. This is achieved by intensely repolarizing the neuronal membranes, to make them more effective.
It consists of prescribing highly active natural substances, depending on the disorder to be treated.
It has no side effects and the effectiveness is gradual, as the patient takes his treatment.
It can support any current anti-depressive or anxiolytic therapy.
It consists of doing a colon cleansing, to eradicate free radicals, toxins that cause side effects at the brain level. It must be borne in mind that the main production of serotonin is produced at the intestinal level, and that many of the emotional disorders have to do with depressive food residues
Healing food.
There are foods that cause depression and anxiety.
We provide a healing diet, to correct alterations and that the patient can have more energy, reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. With this we avoid the re-accumulation of toxins.
Anxiety and Depression Program Benefits

It has an effect, which can last from 6 months to 2 and a half years. According to multicenter studies: this treatment can reduce drug doses, make them more effective, or even suspend them.

In case of anxiety, TMS therapy can be applied to areas of the brain involved in anxiety.

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