Transcranial Neural Electrostimulation

Transcranial neuronal stimulation makes psychotherapy work better and the drugs prescribed by the psychiatrist are more effective, they can even reduce or withdraw doses.

You know that
It is possible to treat diseases such as depression, bipolarity, insomnia, parkinson's, dementia and other neuronal disorders without the need for anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medications.
How can we treat it?
At Centro Biocel, we have a treatment based on transcranial magnetic stimulation and plasmatron, which generate neuronal changes, by effectively and permanently repolarizing the neuronal membranes.

This makes the release of neurotransmitters and the communication between neurons more effective, as well as the reaxonization, which is the formation of new axons between neurons.
Get a significant improvement in your health:

  • Sleep better
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Improve socialization
  • Decrease the use of pills
  • Reduces migraines
  • Improve your quality of life in General
  • Decreased Anxiety and Depression
  • Cognitive behavioral area improvement
  • End the insanity and stress.
  • Control of autism, parkinson's and dementia.
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