Oncological Treatments

and Alternative Medicine

We are a clinic with combined therapies

to fight cancer and degenerative diseases.

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Blvd. del Lago Victoria 791, Valle Dorado, 22890 Ensenada, B.C.


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Improving your quality of life through alternative medicine
We are a alternative medicine clinic, with combined therapies to combat cancer. Which was born in 2010, due to the need to have innovative therapies that would change the natural course of chronic diseases, including treatment for cancer.

We are committed to results, which is why we only implement therapies that have proven their effectiveness. This commits us to make a rational management of them, to obtain the best possible results.
Learn about Rámica's nutraceuticals
Rámica is a laboratory specialized in Ayurvedic treatments that is part of Centro Biocel.

We develop Ayurvedic supplements with the highest quality.
Meet Our Team

Our staff has exceptional skills to assist you with your inquiries.

  • Dr. Sandro Moncada
    Internist and Centro Biocel CEO

    I am an internist with 17 years of experience in the specialty. Working in hospitals of government institutions and at a private level. More About Here.

  • Theraphist Adriana Ramírez
    Ayurveda Medicine Specialist

    The life of a mother has taken me along different paths and that is why today I am also a therapist in Ayurveda medicine, colon hydrotherapy and food coach. More About Here.

  • Chemical Daniel Murillo
    Pharmacobiologist Chemist

    Originally from Baja California, outstanding from an early age in biological areas, especially in biology and also in sports areas such as athletics and basketball. More About Here.

  • Teraphist Elisa Nidome
    Medicine AyurvedaTeraphist

    Always passionate about languages ​​studying since I was a child and traveling wherever life took me. I love meeting people from other cultures and regions, which led me to explore and study ancestral groups and cultures, their traditions and their remedies. More About Here.

  • Teraphist Sandro Huante
    Chine Medicine Specialist

    The body and how we cope with our environment; therefore, in the course of my professional career, patients always come forward to treat the disease with little or no success history. More About Here.

About Nanothermy
In this video, Dr. Sandro Moncada talks about what Nanothermia is
and how this treatment can help us fight cancer.
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