Dr. Sandro Moncada
Internist and Centro Biocel CEO
I am an internist with 17 years of experience in the specialty. Working in hospitals of government institutions and at a private level.

I have an Honoris Causa doctorate in 2019 from the Ibero-American Doctoral Faculty, for our social work.
I am the director of Centro Biocel, a clinic dedicated to treating chronic diseases with combined therapies. We have been with our clinic for 10 years.
About Me

I am the creator of several programs for depression and autism, as well as addiction treatment and personalized cancer treatments.

I am an ozone therapist, biopuncturist, homotoxicologist, I have a master's degree in alternative medicine, in addition to different diplomas and training in different areas of medicine, which complemented with our working group in Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, biologists and chemists, we have achieved a dynamic and innovative work team, updated and to be a benchmark in Mexico.

On the subject of cancer, we have achieved important advances in the treatment and I exist of our patients, by integrating only alternative therapies with high efficacy, as well as cutting-edge technology in the treatment of cancer.

We are the first to have European technology, specifically German, such as nanothermia and electromagnetic therapy, in addition to producing our own intravenous phytotherapy products, with unsurpassed quality.

We comply with all current regulations and good medical practices. We have the corresponding licenses, which allow us to work openly, and carry out cutting-edge research, which contributes to the benefit of our patients.

Doctor what is your specialty?
Dr sandro:
I am a Specialist in Internal Medicine and I have an Honorary Doctorate
What are your areas of expertise?
dr Sandro:
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer and Intern medicine
  • Depression and autism
  • Treatment in addictions
  • Ozone therapist
  • Biopuncturist
  • Homotoxicologist
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