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If you come from abroad, we share some recommendations for transport, accommodation and tourist attractions that you can take advantage of to get to know the beautiful port of Ensenada.
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If you travel from abroad we will provide you with some information
that you can consider when scheduling your treatment at Centro Biocel.
It is the average price per night in recognized hotels in our city
Climate and Height
The climate of our city is one of the calmest and least extreme that exists in Mexico. We have a temperate climate with light rains during the summer and winter.
Being one of the most important ports, we have a height of no more than 50 meters above sea level.
15 days
It is the average time that most of our patients need to finish the session of one of our treatments
1hr:59min (122km) (Time varies by traffic)
It is the time and distance by car from the Tijuana international airport to Downtown Ensenada.
We have trusted collaborators to transport them around the city as well as different transport Apps such as Didi and Uber so that you avoid driving.
If you need transportation from Tijuana airport to Ensenada let us know so we can send you to our transportation partners.
Recognized hotels for your accommodation
Ensenada has several recognized hotels in the city, here we leave you some options so that you can book with peace of mind.
Hotel Villa Marina
Finding the ideal Ensenada hotel doesn't have to be difficult. Welcome to Hotel Villamarina, a fantastic option for travelers like you.

While staying at Hotel Villa Marina, guests can visit Avenida Adolfo López Mateos (0.1 km) and Aduana Marítima (0.4 km), which are some of Ensenada's main attractions.
Hotel City Express Plus

City Express Ensenada is a hotel for travelers with hot breakfast and free internet in Ensenada Baja California, 10 minutes from downtown Ensenada.

Are you looking for a more comfortable accommodation?
We share some options from our trusted people where you can rent rooms and entire apartments for a very affordable price.
Studio apartments
by Patty Diaz
If what you are looking for is a pleasant stay where you have the necessary equipment to cook, sleep, clean yourself and be at home: the studio apartments of our friend Patty will be very useful.

Living room
Dining room
Suitable for two people
Safe and quiet neighborhood
Condominium Apartment
by Patty Diaz
Living room
Dining room
Suitable for two people
Safe and quiet neighborhood
Patty Díaz
Apartments and Condominiums
Telephone/Whatsapp : +52 646 144 3785
to a private driver
Forget driving on unfamiliar streets, leave everything in the hands of our local drivers.

If what you need is a driver to pick you up at the airport, you can also get it here.

Nelda Mendez is part of our collaborators
trusted, you can contact her through a
call, speaks English and Spanish.
Nelda Méndez
Private driver
Telephone/Whatsapp : +52 646 198 2317
To eat healthy we recommend
visit Protein Kitchen
Slowly savor the extraordinary fruit smoothies served here with only your enjoyment in mind. This restaurant is famous for its great service.
since you are in ensenada you cannot miss this
Enjoy the different experiences that Ensenada has for you.
From zip line adventures in "Las Cañadas park " to
a wine tasting in the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe
The Wine Route
Most Beautiful of Mexico
Wine tasting, vineyard walks,
exquisite gastronomy, wines ...
In case you are looking for
an experience during your stay
Contact our collaborator Ricardo Espinoza, who will be able to offer you wide options of Tours that you can hire for a preferential price
Ricardo Espinoza
Ensenada Tours Assistant
Telephone/Whatsapp : +52 646 140 3584

Water park

"Las Cañadas"

Motorcycle ride, zip line, water park,

camping area, cabins ...

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