Analysis, Diagnosis and Treatment.
More than 10 years of experience.
For the first time in Mexico it is a reality to treat cancer without side effects and selectively.

NO radiation
WITHOUT wearing down the immune system
PAIN FREE and totally effective.
About Nanothermy
In this video, Dr Sandro Moncada talks about what Nanothermia is
and how this treatment can help us fight cancer.
How is it different from conventional hyperthermia and radiation therapy?
Nanothermy is selective, hyperthermia and radiotherapy are not.
Nanothermy produces heating exclusively in the tumor, which is the one that absorbs the deposited energy.
Hyperthermia causes heating of the area and does not reach the necessary temperature to damage the tumor. The temperature in the skin is higher than inside the tumor. This can cause burns. Nanothermy can reach up to 42.5 degrees in the tumor and the skin be at 37 degrees.

Nanothermy potentiates all therapies. Conventional hyperthermia only increases the temperature and can produce a greater blood supply to the area and bring more food to the tumor, even more chances of metastasis. Nanothermia produces apoptosis and not necrosis. Like other therapies (radiotherapy) this generates less inflammatory process.

That is why we can treat tumors in the head or brain without affecting healthy areas, such as nerves or blood vessels, even vital ones. Nanothermia increases chemotherapy 10 times and radiotherapy 5 times.
How to explain the selectivity on cancer cells?
It is an electromagnetic field, which generates an energy deposit on malignant cells, due to the fact that they absorb the electrons contained in the electromagnetic field. This is due to the fact that its pH is more acidic and it has more metabolic or waste products (free radicals) in its periphery as a consequence of stratospheric consumption of more glucose than a normal cell. This gradual deposit of energy produces tumor heating, destruction of cell membranes with irreparable damage to their functioning and stimulation of apoptosis (programmed cell death). There is a cell law; cell that cannot be repaired destroys itself.
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