Teraphist Sandro Huante
Chine Medicine Specialist
Currently we know about the connection of our body with the mind and that emotions influence our health in a real way, and in the course of our lives our health is tested every moment and in the same way in our balance of the mind, the body and how we cope with our environment; therefore, in the course of my professional career, patients always come forward to treat the disease with little or no success history.
About Me
As part of my vocation in the treatment and care of the patient as health and life foreground; The complexities are always present before us in the face of the success of the disease, they are presented to return their quality of life, health or in its entirety in an integral way, especially in chronic degenerative diseases, as well as part of the professional training to contribute in a coadjuvant in the treatment of these complex diseases that currently have not had encouraging results such as cancer, anxiety, depression, ALS, Parkinson's, etc. This was a great trigger and enthusiasm to study and offer different options to conventional health treatment with an alternative purpose to what already exists today.

For example, the study of herbal medicine is a field of additional opportunity based on phytotherapy and phytochemistry, treating through products of plant origin with scientific bases for therapeutic purposes to attenuate, prevent or cure a pathological state of the patient with its intervention to improve health through the action of plants through medicinal properties or their derivatives, where phytomedicine as a supporting entity with the least side effect on the patient, while continuing to bring the processes and standards from the scientific context so that The plant drug or phytomedicine is of great encouragement for the patient as an incentive in support of treatments with criteria based on scientific methodology of: preclinical phases, pharmacological tests, etc. and the analysis of its active principles to know its mechanisms of action in the human body, receptors, drug interactions as well as its adverse effects, doses and contraindications.

At present we know that diseases can be multifactorial so the treatment alternatives must be more dynamic without putting the patient's health first with multiple therapies, so medical attention must be personalized and focused on the patient; In this way, in my professional training, I incorporate human acupuncture in oriental medicine with therapeutic tools from many years old, in addition to being endorsed by the WHO, these complementary practices to the treatments are acquired at the International University in Beijing China through certification. to offer a tool as is practiced in the East.

Currently, new oriental techniques based on human conditions such as psychoneuroacupuncture, electroacupuncture, cranioacupuncture and floral acupuncture, etc. have been developed. since we are a biopsychosocial entity by which we must be treated comprehensively.
Sandro what is your specialty?
I am a Specialist in Herbalism, Phytotherapy and Chinese Medicine
What is your ​​expertise area?
  • Herbalism
  • Phytotherapy
  • Cancer
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