Stop Cancer Program

By Centro Biocel

This program is born from the need to urgently have encouraging and non-media results, that we can provide the patient with quality of life, and that the possibility of cure is possible.

for cancer today:
In conventional cancer hospitals, the work tools are very orthodox and have fallen short, they only focus on three basic therapies: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.
Very recently they have focused on immunology, which is why their strategies are beginning to change, these being too expensive and not very accessible, with even mediocre results.
Bad reality
in the cancer industry
Cancer is one of the most profitable businesses, for the pharmaceutical industry, the cure percentages are very low, the toxicity is very high, and even so many drugs are authorized, destroying the immune system, which is the main tool that we must take care in the fight against cancer.

Health insurance is the big business of the doctors involved and the colluded hospitals, squeezing insurance and justifying treatments, even knowing that the possibility of curing the patient is low and the decline in their quality of life is evident.
Stop Cancer Program
By Centro Biocel

Compared to traditional methods at Centro Biocel we have a comprehensive program to treat cancer holistically with methods and therapies that DO NOT harm your immune system.

The tumor is an intelligent and highly adaptable cell, for which it must be fought intelligently by different methods and strategies.

Here we share some treatments and therapies that are part of the program:

When we apply heat at the nanometric level, we affect extra-membrane and membrane nanoparticles, at an internal temperature of 42.5 °, at the same time electromagnetic waves are added, we affect the membranes of tumor cells and the interruption and internal signaling of tumor cells.

Ionic (electrolyte) changes are triggered, altering cellular energy and causing swelling in the cell, followed by the rupture of tumor cells. Unlike radiation, this therapy is selective, solely and exclusively on tumor cells. Without the side effects of radiation.

In case allopathic therapies are used, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, these are potentiated in a proportion of 10 times more and 5 times more respectively.
Scalar Waves (Plasmatron)
Do not confuse with magnetic therapy or magnetic parvo.
This treatment is electromagnetic fields, which affect tumor cells. The electromagnetic fields of many of the tumors are already known. When we affect the electromagnetic field, it stops growing, we interrupt its energetic functioning from an electrical point of view and we cause growth and death of exclusively tumor cells, since healthy cells have a different electromagnetic field, a different density and a different metabolism, culminating in cell death (apoptosis).
More about Plasmathron
Scalar wave therapy. We are fortunate to have one of the top three teams in Latin America, and the US. Highly specialized equipment with a very complex operation, but we can summarize it as follows.

Its objective is to reprogram normal cellular functioning. In addition to interrupting signaling at the time of cell division, causing a decrease in the growth of tumor cells or living organisms that could be affected by electromagnetic waves, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites.

Therefore, it has application in at least 100 diseases. Among them, acute and chronic infectious, autoimmune, inflammatory and in cancer.
About Nanothermy
In this video, Dr Sandro Moncada talks about what Nanothermia is
and how this treatment can help us fight cancer.
Have you ever heard that cancer patients can be treated without chemotherapy and without drugs? Yes, you heard right. In medical research, as in all areas of innovation, it is impossible to predict where the next great idea will come from.

Next, Dr. Anthony Holland will share his discovery called "the magic frequency", and will show the impressive results he has obtained in the fight against this devastating disease without any side effects.
Esto Revolucionará nuestro futuro
Other treatments that enhance the previous therapies and are part of
our Stop Cancer program
Treatment based on active principles of polyphenols (curcuminoids, quercetin, resveratrol, etc).
They aim to block internal signaling of tumor cells, causing malignant cell death.
Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are also two entities that benefit from intravenous herbal medicine, since in the case of curcuminoids, they have an anti-inflammatory and immune regulatory effect. It is also used as anti agin or anti aging due to its powerful antioxidant effect.

Detoxification of heavy metals that are pre-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and will improve circulation and purification of the purifying organs, in addition to improving arterial circulation

By helping to heal the colon, we improve energy performance, necessary to combat chronic diseases such as cancer. In addition to removing waste from chemotherapies and improving intestinal conditions.

Treatment for different pathological entities including cancer. It is an oxidative therapy in cancer and in others it is anti oxidant, relaxing, anti inflammatory and helps cell regeneration.

It depends on the dose, depending on the objective that is sought.

The stem cells are based on Natural Killer cells, with anti-tumor action. improving the capacity of the immune system itself, which in most patients is weakened by poor nutrition, chemotherapies and wear and tear of the disease.
Treatment based on fungi of Mexican and Chinese origin, which can be applied orally that aim to prevent the growth of tumor cells.
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